Web and Mobile Application Development

Designing and building web and mobile applications that are customer friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing.

Mobile Games

Games that are funny

You have nothing else to do!?
We will help you to spend your leisure time as enjoyable as possible. Here you'll find very funny games that not only look great, but also have an addictive gameplay. You can play these games on your mobile device the whole day long. The games that we develop are unique and suitable for all age groups. Whether as a puzzle, adventure, arcade or action, our games challenge your skill and flower out your creativity.
We support the most common mobile platforms.

Our games for Android, iOS and Windows can be found here

Mobile Apps

Apps for everyday

Our apps will help you to make your daily life more interesting.
Inspired by real life, we develop our apps so that they are as much as possible useful for the users. We combine interesting aspects of daily life such as health, sport, food, entertainment or travel with the newest technologies to create high quality mobile solutions. The apps that we develop are distinguished by highest quality, excellent design and simple intuitive handling.

Our apps for Android, iOS and Windows can be found here

Web Applications

We realize your idea on the web

Qualitative implementation of web projects in collaboration with you in a few steps.

  • We work out the requirements for your web application with you.
  • We use agile methodology to implement your requirements.
  • We control the quality of the implementation iteratively after each implementation phase.

You get a product that you can use directly.